Several leading podcast publishers have joined forces to introduce new audiences to podcasts using the hashtag #trypod.  Here at Greater Sum many of us listen to podcasts on our commutes, often in areas outside our expertise as professional developers.  Hope you enjoy these recommendations!

Mike Clement, Co-founder
Imaginary Worlds
As a fan of science fiction, I find the investigation of issues related to sci-fi and fantasy world interesting, especially how they relate to reality.  For example there is an episode called Han Shot Solo ( which examines the controversy around “Han shot first” and how we think about aliens in entertainment.

Adam Hilliard, Software Developer
Startup Podcast
I thought the first season of Startup Podcast was a great look at all the different things that go into starting your own business.  The founder of this podcast company records conversations with investors, business partners, and even his family after he leaves a secure job at NPR and begins his new journey in entrepreneurship.

Peter Flanagan, Software Developer
I have found the topics of this podcast to be fantastic for personal growth and building more of a leadership mentality.  Topics range from personal habits to professional development.  I have found the subject matters to be quite informative and helpful.The Power of Habit was a really good episode, as was Reversing “No, But” Thinking.

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