Two weeks ago, Greater Sum hosted the Software Craftsmanship Unconference at the Forsyth County Conference Center on Friday July 14th and it was a success! If you’ve never been to an unconference, the structure is unconventional compared to a conference. In a traditional conference, there is a rigid structure and everything is planned, where as in an unconference the day moves more naturally based on the interests of those who attend; making it the perfect setup for learning. Participants came ready to share their knowledge on skills ranging from coding dojo to discussing how to handle unit testing.

On arriving everyone first gathered in an opening circle and were introduced to one another as well as introducing their topic to the group. Based on what grabbed your attention, you joined others that were interested in the topic and began to share information and gain knowledge. There were multiple sessions, and attendees had the opportunity to learn different topics in each session depending on what they were interested in gaining that afternoon. It was an honor to have Woody Zuill attend and profit from the knowledge he shared in a session about test driving a game. One of the attendees mentioned how they were not expecting everybody to fully embraced the craftsman spirit but to their surprise everyone had a great time. Participants eagerly shared their knowledge and listened to one another with humility. It was an effort of teamwork and building understanding.

At the end of the unconference everyone gathered back to the closing circle to share how they benefited from the sessions they attended, and how they were ready to take that information to the their respective workplaces and share their new found knowledge with others. It was an amazing experience for those who came out and we can’t wait for next year to host another unconference again.


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