Software Apprenticeship

We hire via our software craftsmanship focused apprenticeship program.  As a software apprentice, you will spend 20% of your time on structured learning activities and 80% of your time learning on the job with a software craftsman mentor.  We take software apprentices with a wide range of experience from learning on your own, recently graduated from a software bootcamp, recently graduated from a traditional Computer Science degree to previous experience in the industry.

At the end of your apprenticeship you may be hired on full time as a craftsman or you may want to be placed in another company via our placement service.  Either way our software apprenticeship will accelerate your career!

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Accelerate your career as a software development apprentice at Greater Sum.

We are part of the global community of software developers. Software professionals are excited about Greater Sum’s approach to learning how to build quality software. Here are a few perspectives on how Greater Sum is meeting the needs of the software industry.

Too often the areas of software craftsmanship, agile development and softer team skills are completely ignored by traditional education. This is why it is so important that Greater Sum cares about developing people that are ready to thrive in today’s technical world.” Llewellyn Falco

Agile Coach, Legacy Code Expert

In my experience, testing, automation, craftsmanship and working as a team are critical skills that most in the industry don’t learn until years into their career, if ever. I wish I’d had a program like Greater Sum to help me from the beginning.” Jonathan Turner

Software Craftsman

Learning as a team has been a powerful approach for teams I’ve worked on and worked with over the years. As we explore, learn, and grow the technical skills and knowledge we need we’re becoming better at sharing, explaining, questioning, and helping each other. What a wonderful combination!” Woody Zuill

Agile Coach, Mob Programming Consultant

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