Qualities for a successful software career


Learning software development in our accelerated environment is playful, collaborative, and challenging. We are highly invested in your success in this program and beyond. Our admissions process is a series of exercises to together determine if you will thrive with us. Here is a list of key characteristics that we’ve seen in successful software developers. Is software right for you?

Lifelong Learner

Software is a quickly changing field with new languages and frameworks being released all the time. Successful developers credit their passion for learning for their ability to stay relevant year after year.

What have you learned recently?


Building great software is hard. While it is fun and rewarding, there will be times while learning and building that you’ll feel stuck. It takes tenacity to try multiple paths and stick with it until you’ve succeeded.

What’s a time where you showed your determination to succeed?

Collaborative Team Member

Software delivery is a product of a team of programmmers, testers, ops, managers, project stakeholders and users to make real impact. Successful projects require everyone to know the goal and push in the same direction.

What was it like being part of a great team?

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