Our approach to software

We partner with our customers to ensure that the product delivered not only provides the expected value but incorporates modifications and iterative changes throughout the product development process.  This adaptable process is made possible by our focusing first on the user narrative, providing a working end to end solution as soon as possible, and then focusing on enhancing the highest value features.  

Weekly hands-on demos of fully developed features provide regular checkpoints.   The software that is demonstrated at these demos is deployed to a live or live-like environment.  Having the ability to not only see, but to use the product in these demos, allows you to identify or reprioritize to deliver the most value.  You decide when the product has the features and functions that meet your needs.

This process allows us to deliver software that adds value to your business.

Greater Sum stands behind its work.  We provide a 12 month warranty on our work that covers any defects found in the code.  We are confident in the quality of our product because of the suite of automated tests that we build alongside the production code to ensure technical correctness and avoid regression.  This gives both you and us confidence in the quality of the product.  

The suite of automated tests also will allow us or any other software developer that you work with in the future to modify the code with confidence.

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Proven technical practices

The only way to go fast is to go well. - Uncle Bob

Clean code

It’s important to have code that works. But it’s also important to have code that can respond to future changes. At Greater Sum, we use techniques like refactoring and design patterns to build clean code that not only works today, but can be understood and modified tomorrow.


Test Driven Development (TDD) allows us to code with confidence. We follow the simple cycle of writing a small failing test and then writing just enough code to pass that test. By using TDD, we know when the code is correct and can be used effectively by other code.


Refactoring techniques change the code without changing the behavior of the code. They allow us to clean up and prepare code for new features. At Greater Sum we use a wide range of refactorings to accelerate development.


Simple design

Designing for the future requires guessing about the future.  Given that we’re bad at that, we avoid the costs of speculation and instead focus on designing systems that are simple and effective using the 4 Rules of Simple Design.

Continuous delivery

Code is not done until it’s delivered and producing value. At Greater Sum we build a continuous delivery pipeline for your project so that we can release when you’re ready. You’ll see the project continuously update in our test environment so that you can give feedback early.  Together we will make adjustments to build a successful product and release it to your users with confidence.

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