Our approach to learning

Both our experiential workshops and our apprenticeship program will accelerate your career in software development and delivery. Using proven techniques, we focus on learning and retention.

Proven learning techniques

The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled. - Plutarch


Creating software is a team activity.  Our workshops focus on learning and working as a team.  Learning collaboratively is not just more fun, it increases memory retention and deepens understanding.



We use Willem and Diana Larsen’s 5 rules of Accelerated Learning (Keep it Alive, Do it for Real, Setting First, Start Obvious Stay Obvious, and Focus on Flow) to continually make adjustments to our learning environment and curriculum to accelerate the learning process.


At Greater Sum, you’ll build your skillset through experiences, not lectures. And while you’ll do plenty of coding, you’ll also step away from the keyboard to learn through other activities. This dynamic approach is designed to hone your soft skills in tandem with your technical skills, preparing you to thrive in a professional setting.


Learning and play are not opposites, in fact play enables learning!  Games and other playful activities accelerate our learning as a team.  Play isn’t just important for learning, but is a powerful way to get work done together.

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