What is your professional background?
I graduated from The University Of Massachusetts Lowell in Economics. I became a business analyst at CineMassive making Microsoft Excel Reports and managing a SQL database for 3 and a half years.

What is your previous coding experience?
I learned Visual Basics for Applications in order to build reports in Excel at various points of my professional life. I also learned SQL in order to manage a database. I also started learning front end development on FreeCodeCamp.com which includes HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

What excites you about the prospect of becoming a developer?
Developers have control over a digital world. In this world you can truly go as far as your imagination will take you. You can create little toys, or powerful robust applications. I want to become a developer so that I can create things of all sizes to help all kinds of people improve their lives and fulfill greater goals.

What excites you about the Greater Sum Apprenticeship Program?
I believe Greater Sum to be the combination of a great learning environment, a supportive team of professionals, and a great access point for resources to develop professionally and personally. That is an opportunity I don’t want to miss.

What do you do for fun, other than code?
I like to play computer games, as do many developers. I also enjoy playing board games with people. When the weather is nice outside, I enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking, and river tubing.

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