What is your professional background?
While I studied economics in school, my professional background is actually in the restaurant industry. My first food related job was selling baked goods at local farmer’s markets. I eventually worked my way to becoming a server and then a bartender. While the knowledge and experience I gained from working in restaurants has been incredibly valuable, I found myself wanting to pursue a career that gave me more time to be with my family. While I had wanted to study mathematics, after taking a few coding courses, I found the creativity and problem solving of it very enjoyable. I made the decision to go through a coding bootcamp in January 2017. After completing the boot camp I worked on some freelance websites for friends and small businesses. A few months later I found Greater Sum.
What is your previous coding experience?
Most of my experience comes from the bootcamp I attended and a few side projects I’ve worked on. I got my first taste of coding in high school. I remember spending pretty large amounts of time editing the HTML on my MySpace page so it would look cool. I always remember it being really fun and enjoyable for me.
What excites you about the prospect of becoming a developer?
So many things, but I’d have to say the problem solving and the never ending learning. I like being able to use the logical side of my brain, thinking through problems. I also love how in this industry we get to be a part of evolving technologies. I think machine learning is a really interesting topic, and I’d like to learn more about that as my career advances.
What excites you about the Greater Sum Apprenticeship Program?
What excites me about Greater Sum is the opportunity to learn about the best practices in the industry while working on a team that truly values those practices. I’m excited to see what all I can learn from the apprenticeship program and feel so fortunate to work alongside people who value quality and learning like the team here at Greater Sum.
What do you do for fun, other than code?
I love finding my next favorite restaurant around Atlanta, baking, being outside, and gardening. I also am mildly obsessed with learning about French culture, and reading every other random article on the internet.


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