What is your professional background?
My professional background is very varied. I’ve been in administration, inventory, real estate and telecommunications. The latter takes up the biggest percentage of my work experience. I worked for Time Warner Cable in New York and AT&T in Atlanta. Time Warner Cable is where I was bitten by the tech bug as we had to pass the COMPTIA A+ exam to move up pay-grade levels. Later on, it was Network+. After passing the exam, I always found myself pestering the IT guys in the building and picking their brains. I wanted to know what to learn next.

What is your previous coding experience?
Before attending the DigitalCrafts coding bootcamp, my coding experience was very limited. Once accepted, we were required to do pre-work in HTML, CSS and Javascript before the cohort started. Once class began, it was like drinking from a fire hose. We learned MEAN and LAMP stacks, and I did some volunteer work after class ended.

What excites you about the prospect of becoming a developer?
It’s nearly impossible to detach yourself from a developer these days. A developer programmed the medical equipment at your doctor’s office, your car, your phone apps, and your tv. I don’t want to wait around for someone else to drive us forward. I want to be able to create the next thing we need, and to lend my hands and strength to towing the line.

What excites you about the Greater Sum Apprenticeship Program?
One of my highest values is education and at Greater Sum my employer values it too. It takes a lot of work to get better at coding after bootcamp. Through the entire day, all effort is put into writing better codes and building a sustainable practice. I don’t have to hope to grow here – growing is part of the job description.

What do you do for fun, other than code?
If my hands aren’t busy playing with my daughter, they’re in the dirt practicing their way to green thumbs. I love gardening – it’s therapeutic (and you can eat what you plant! Hopefully). Piano and guitar put me in my happy place. I used to play a lot more video games, but recently there hasn’t been time. The same goes for fictional books, which I LOVE (especially sci-fi), but the time for these has dwindled recently as well. I also study for fun, which may seem strange, but that’s how I spend my spare time that isn’t devoted to apprenticeship studies. A lot of what I do is goal-oriented, and I thoroughly enjoy stepping toward my goals – so that counts for fun.

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