adamWe have a paid Software Apprenticeship Program at Greater Sum and recently hired Adam onto our team.  We asked him a few questions to get to know him better!

GS: What is your professional background?

My professional career up until I began learning programming and computer science has been relatively varied.  After college I worked for a non-profit focused on helping out of work people gain new skills to help them rejoin the workforce.  I was also involved in helping to promote green energy initiatives in New York State.

After I moved to Atlanta, I worked for digital marketing companies, focused on mobile.  This included building mobile websites as well bringing those websites traffic from people searching for their services on their smart phones.  After a few years I co-founded my own digital marketing company, and in the push to try and automate some of our processes, I got hooked on computer science and programming.

GS: What is your previous coding experience?

I did a lot of web design work in my digital marketing career, but after I took my first online CS course I decided to start focusing full-time on educating myself to transition into this new career.  I spent nearly a year taking online courses, reading books, attending meetups, and connecting with more experienced developers to learn as much about the field as I could.  

I focused most of my project time on building Android applications.  This felt like a good way to practice the different aspects of programming I was learning (UI, databases, back-end logic, etc.).

GS: What excites you about the prospect of becoming a developer?

Everything!  I like building things.  I like solving problems.  I like learning new things.  I like the idea that there will always be something new to learn, or some problem that still hasn’t been solved.  There is a nearly limitless number of possibilities when it comes to being a developer.  If I want to build applications, build websites, or build the software systems that will help the first humans live on Mars, it’s all possible!

GS: What excites you about the Greater Sum Apprenticeship Program?

As someone who not only likes to learn, but likes to learn things the right way from the start, Greater Sum seems like a great fit.  I’ve often heard learning described in the same way as building a house.  You start with a good foundation, and build up from there.  The Apprenticeship Program uses similar principles.

I am also excited about the possibility of getting to share not only what I learn at Greater Sum, but share my past experiences with new and current apprentices.  Most of us have come here from very different paths.  Whether we learned from a bootcamp, from college, or from online courses, we all have different values and experiences to share with each other.  I believe this diversity of backgrounds and experiences lead to a more well rounded team and an environment for great learning experiences.

GS: What do you do for fun, other than code?

I like to play sports and listen to live music.  Some of my favorite experiences involve both!  My main sport these days is soccer, but I also like to play tennis or ping pong when I get the opportunity.  One of my favorite parts about Atlanta are all the diverse bands that come here for concerts and festivals.

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