Games are a way for teams to learn and apply concepts in a fun, playful, safe environment.  Play is important as it brings aliveness to our learning environment that allows for creativity and our best work to flow.  Games provide a safe environment where people are more open and willing to take risks and embrace change.

In the work environment, the safety of games allows us to talk about work… without necessarily talking about work.  By playing with cards and celebrities, we are able to talk about processes and practices abstractly instead of using highly-charged and sometimes sensitive specifics.  Games can lead people to discover things for themselves as they step outside of their normal routine and get a different perspective.

The most important part of any game, especially when using the game for learning, is the debrief.  According to, “People don’t learn from experience; they learn from reflecting on their experience.”  The debrief allows participants to digest the experience, bounce ideas off each other and discover together how it applies to their work.

If you’re stuck and need a jolt to continue to improve, using games to bring new ideas to a group is fun and effective!!

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