Last weekend, I traveled to Huntsville, Alabama from Atlanta to attend DevSpace 2015 .  Over the course of 2 days,  I attended a series of well constructed presentations.  Each talk was delivered by an interesting and passionate technologists.  Kirsten Hunter modeled some great tools and techniques for effective presentations, including Hemingway App and Haiku Deck.  Nathan Kelley revealed some counteractive attributes of successful developers. Michael Neel discussed the do’s and don’ts of teaching software development to children (beginners).

Attending these type of events remind me of the importance of developer communities.  The practice of software development requires constant learning and retooling.  It’s quite difficult to maintain drive and focus without credible allies.

This is DevSpace’s first year but it didn’t feel that way.  The organizer’s of DevSpace are longstanding members and contributors to neighboring developer communities.  The accumulated experience and goodwill allowed them to deliver a memorable learning  experience.  Given their prodigious start, I am eager to see what they pull together next year.

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