As someone new to the software development scene, DevNexus was my first big software conference. I went to the one day Atlanta Code Camp conference in late 2015 and throughly enjoyed most of the talks but it was much smaller than DevNexus. Although I am still new to development I thought it might be interesting to post about the sessions that I went to and what I took away from the presentation.

20160216_100903Modular Monoliths
This was the keynote presentation for the day about how to organize your code base so that it is not only more encapsulated but also more accurately reflects the architectural drawings that represent the code base. He also implored developers in the room to not automatically make every class public and really focus on the direction of dependencies.

Introduction to React
The scheduled speaker did not show up so one of the organizers of DevNexus (Pratik Patel) jumped in at the last minute to do the presentation. He had given presentations on React before and had a slideshow ready so this was not as crazy as it seems. He gave a great introduction to ReactJS and did a particularly good job of explaining why someone would want to use ReactJS over AngularJS or any of the other JavaScript frameworks. The main reason being that ReactJS has a virtual DOM where changes get spun up together and then the webpage is updated at the same time. It was also educational watching him download and setup his development environment since he was not really prepared for the presentation.

Bootstrap: From Zero to Hero
The speaker started with a barebones HTML document with no styling and slowly added bootstrap classes making the webpage look very nice without adding any custom CSS. Particularly interesting to me that I wanted to investigate later at home were using panels to show rows of pictures and using column offset settings as opposed to adding empty elements to get the spacing that you want.

Architecting a Modern Web App
This presentation focused mostly on using Heroku’s product to organize the architecture of your website and since I have never used the product before the presentation was difficult to follow and not exactly pertinent to anything I would be doing in the near future.

20160217_102320Towards an Evolutionary Architecture
The speaker for this session was Venkat Subramaniam and he was by far the best speaker that I saw at the conference. His entire presentation was done from memory and a list of 22 things to get to in a text document. He argued that architects should still be in the code and to delay decisions even on which database to use until you can’t possibly delay anymore. This is especially true for decisions that are not easily reversible.

Mobile in 2020
The speaker presented what he perceived as trends and inevitabilities in the mobile space for programmers. He specifically mentioned looking into Ionic, continuing to learn javascript, and being aware of the internet of things and the programming challenges they present.

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