21200011.00_00_29_21.Still006Abel and I had a great time talking with developers and aspiring developers alike at Atlanta Code Camp on October 24.  This was my first time at the KSU-Marietta Campus and they were great hosts!

In addition to talking to people at the table, I was able to attend sessions on Unity 3D for Google Cardboard, ASP.NET 5 and data visualization.  My two oldest sons (ages 9 and 10) both joined me for the day and had a fun time learning more about programming. Hopefully they offer a kids track in the future!

We also asked several attendees to share with us (and now with you!) how they started coding and why they still love it today!  Some share tips on how to have a successful career in software development.

I presented “Thinking in F#”, an introduction to F# and functional programming using FizzBuzz.  There were lots of great questions and interest in F#. I’d love to hear from you if you are using F# in any of your projects, personal or work.

Get the code from Thinking in F# on Github


atlanta code camp shirtsThanks to the organizers and the other sponsors for their support of this great community event. I’m already looking forward to Atlanta Code Camp 2016!


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