Three developers from Greater Sum spoke last weekend at Atlanta Code Camp! Embedded below are the slidedecks from these presentations.  If these sound interesting, you can ask for one of these to be given at your meetup or company!

Develop your Sense of Code Smell

It has been 18 years since Martin Fowler published “Refactoring” which codified an initial catalog of code smells. But in that time, have our noses been able to sniff them out? What have we done to develop our sense of smell? We will do a series of Sparrow Decks to increase our sense of code smell by building the pattern recognition part of our brain. This way we can more easily know if there is something wrong with the code. Remember smelling you have a problem is always the first step. (Note: this technique works for non-programmers as well as programmers so even if you’re not a programmer, come and develop your sense of code smell!)

Who watches the watchmen? Introducing a better metric of your code’s quality.

Tests are watching our code, helping it to not regress. But who’s watching the watchmen? Code coverage is often used to determine the quality of automated tests, trying to “test the tests”. Unfortunately all it does is ensure which lines of code have been executed by the tests, not if they are actually checking anything! Mutation testing is a way to really watch the watchmen. Matthew will give an introduction to mutation testing, why it’s better than traditional code coverage, and demo examples using JavaScript and Stryker.

Mob Programming: The Whole is Greater Than the Sum

Multiple developers. Same computer. Same problem. Find out how mob programming reduces bugs, increases productivity, and fosters an environment where developers help each other grow.

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