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Need custom software for your business? Worried that you’ll spend time defining the software only to realize that what was built doesn’t really give you the outcomes you were hoping for?

Our agile, iterative approach allows us to not just build software right, but build the right software.  We use collaborative techniques to build software that meets your needs.

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Experiential workshops

We facilitate hands-on, experiential workshops on agile and lean technical topics. Unlock the potential of your software team by learning how to keep your code clean, simple and maintainable and how to deliver sooner using incremental and iterative practices.

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3 Great Slidedecks from Atlanta Code Camp!

Three developers from Greater Sum spoke last weekend at Atlanta Code Camp! Embedded below are the slidedecks from these presentations.  If these sound interesting, you can ask for one of these to be given at your meetup or company! Develop your Sense of Code Smell It...

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Pair Programming – A Match made in ….

If you have never pair programmed, or if you have, and had a bad experience with it, I am here to urge you to give it another chance.  Here I will introduce you to some easy to follow guidelines to make pair programming successful through a technique called...

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Some Tips for Setting Up C# on Your Apple Computer

  Coming fresh out of code school, everything I knew was about developing in Ruby on my Macbook. Since joining as an apprentice here at Greater Sum, I can say that one of my biggest challenges has been learning to develop in strongly typed languages. Luckily, we...

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