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Our workshops focus on modern software development techniques from the agile, lean, and software craftsmanship communities. Learning these practices and techniques allow your team to deliver sooner, with higher quality and in a sustainable way.

Experiential workshops

We facilitate hands-on, experiential workshops on agile and lean technical topics. Unlock the potential of your software team by learning how to keep your code clean, simple and maintainable and how to deliver sooner using incremental and iterative practices.

We build quality software

Need custom software for your business? Worried that you’ll spend time defining the software only to realize that what was built doesn’t really give you the outcomes you were hoping for?

Our agile, iterative approach allows us to not just build software right, but build the right software.  We use collaborative techniques to build software that meets your needs.

Four Rules of Simple Design

Software design is hard. Although getting the software to work is essential, it is also important to keep in mind the design of the software. Rules The four rules of simple design is an excellent guide to designing software. Kent Beck discovered the rules while he was...

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Writing Unit Tests

To follow up with my last blog post, I am going to talk about how to get started writing unit tests. In my last blog post I talked about what a unit test is and why unit testing is important. If you’re ready to start writing unit tests, read on to learn how we do...

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Practice Priority && Priority Practice

practice: [prak-tis]  repeated performance or systematic exercise for  the purpose of acquiring skill or proficiency Outside of the realm of college, coding bootcamps, and apprenticeships - how often do we practice our craft? We code every day at our jobs, so...

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