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Is your team struggling?

Is it difficult to add new features?

Is deployment painful or disruptive?

Is quality overshadowed by the pressure for speed?

Is your agile transformation not showing results?

Have your efforts to decrease technical debt proven ineffective?

We help your team through:

Clean code

Make it easier to add new features.


Catch errors and get feedback sooner.

Respond to Change

Change is inevitable. How do you respond?

Continuous delivery

Build a pipeline to deploy frequently with confidence.

Less Slides, more Hands On

We don’t lecture for hours, there won’t be an endless PowerPoint presentation. In fact most of our workshops have ZERO slides.  Our workshops are interactive, collaborative, and even fun! We focus on modern software development techniques from the agile, lean, and software crafting communities, Learning these practices and techniques allow your team to deliver sooner, with higher quality and in a sustainable way.

How it works

1) Schedule a call with us

2) Tell us about your team and we’ll build a proposal

3) Reserve a time for your team

Our approach to learning



Creating software is a team activity.  Our workshops focus on learning and working as a team.  Learning collaboratively is not just more fun, it increases memory retention and deepens understanding.



We use Willem and Diana Larsen’s 5 rules of Accelerated Learning (Keep it Alive, Do it for Real, Setting First, Start Obvious Stay Obvious, and Focus on Flow) to continually make adjustments to our learning environment and curriculum to accelerate the learning process.


At Greater Sum, you’ll build your skillset through experiences, not lectures. And while you’ll do plenty of coding, you’ll also step away from the keyboard to learn through other activities. This dynamic approach is designed to hone your soft skills in tandem with your technical skills, preparing you to thrive in a professional setting.


Learning and play are not opposites, in fact play enables learning!  Games and other playful activities accelerate our learning as a team.  Play isn’t just important for learning, but is a powerful way to get work done together.

Too often the areas of software craftsmanship, agile development and softer team skills are completely ignored by traditional education. This is why it is so important that Greater Sum cares about developing people that are ready to thrive in today’s technical world.”

Llewellyn Falco

Agile Coach, Legacy Code Expert

In my experience, testing, automation, craftsmanship and working as a team are critical skills that most in the industry don’t learn until years into their career, if ever. I wish I’d had a program like Greater Sum to help me from the beginning.”

Jonathan Turner

Software Craftsman

Learning as a team has been a powerful approach for teams I’ve worked on and worked with over the years. As we explore, learn, and grow the technical skills and knowledge we need we’re becoming better at sharing, explaining, questioning, and helping each other. What a wonderful combination!”

Woody Zuill

Agile Coach, Mob Programming Consultant

Maps, Hashes, Dictionaries Revealed

Often in programming it’s useful to be able to access one piece of information based on other piece of information. For example, if you wanted to be able to populate city and state given a zip code, you’d want to be able to provide the zip code and lookup that city...

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Kind names

One of the most difficult problems in programming is naming things.  Things such as variables, classes, methods, functions... everything needs a name and you, as the coder are responsible for providing it. The reason this is tricky is that you are creating...

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New Apprentice Interview – Nathanel Milien

What is your professional background? After getting my degree in biology, I started my career working in the molecular department of a clinical laboratory as a laboratory technician. A few years later, I was promoted to be the team lead of the department where I was...

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